Useful information

How to protect yourself from  an outboard engine theft:

- Try to leave as little valuables in the boat as possible. it attracts thieves who might be tempted to steal the motor.

- Do not leave documents for the boat and the motor in the boat, keep  them in possession.

- Take some photos of the boat and the motor. Pay special attention to irregular holes, deep scratches, and other specific features of your engine and boat.

- Thefts often occur in places of off-season storage. Take care of reliable storage for your property at this time.

If your motor was stolen:

- Add the number of the stolen motor in our database.

- Be sure to file a police report, even if it's the old, low-power engine.

- Do not give information about the number of the engine in public forums and databases - you may attract the attention of other fraudsters that can try to take advantage of your problems.

- In no case you should not throw away the documents for stolen motor because your engine could be found in several years.