How is your base of stolen boat motors formed?

- Entries are added by the owners of stolen equipment.

What should I do if the engine that I want to buy is listed in your database as stolen, but in another country?

- In no case should you buy that motor, even if you are offer new documents for it. Report about the incident local law enforcement officers and give them a link to our site and information about the seller. Inform the owner of the stolen motor.

How to remove the engine from the base if it was found, or it was added by mistake?

- Inform the site administration of the outboard motor number, its power and the reasons for your contacting via the form at the bottom of this page. Do not forget to note your enquiries. Be prepared to answer additional questions asked by the administration of the site to verify ownership of the motor.

Why should I put the motor in your base if I'm almost certain that it will be never found?

- First of all, keep your hopes up. Engines are often found after some years in the condition in which they were stolen, second,  in such a way you can help other owners not to lose their property. After all, if thieves are not able to sell your motor at a profit, in the future it will become unprofitable to steal engines.