The global international database of stolen outboard motors

Fraudsters  steal outboard motors in one country and  sell them in other as second hand ones. The purpose of this project is to stop thefts of outboard motors together, using a single global database of stolen outboard motors.

Our stolen outboards database is focused primarily on buyers of used  motors. Before buying a used boat motor, the buyer can / should check that this engine was not stolen in other country.

How is the base being filled? Records  are added by the owners of the stolen equipment and by our team  from open sources (forums, other open bases, etc.).

What is  it for? Frauds in this business have international ties, and therefore  people from different countries should deal with it together.

We also want to  address to outboard motors manufacturers. Lately more and more motors have just stickers instead of pressed-on numbers! It is unacceptable. Thieves can have ready-made stickers or they only remove stickers and sell the motor without a number. We demand to  secure the reliable identification of the motor  number and  its main parts.