To site owners

You will help the common cause of fighting against outboard motors thefts if you install our code, button or banner on your site. Also, if you have an unordered local database of stolen outboard motors, we will be grateful if you share it in any format, or just sent a link for it (if it's open). Remember, this project is not commercial, but social. Let's stop the theft of expensive equipment together


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var canvas, stage, exportRoot;
function init() {
    canvas = document.getElementById("canvas");
    images = images||{};

    var loader = new createjs.LoadQueue(false);
    loader.addEventListener("fileload", handleFileLoad);
    loader.addEventListener("complete", handleComplete);

function handleFileLoad(evt) {
    if (evt.item.type == "image") { images[] = evt.result; }

function handleComplete(evt) {
    exportRoot = new lib.stolenoutboards_net_468x60_Canvas();

    stage = new createjs.Stage(canvas);

    createjs.Ticker.addEventListener("tick", stage);

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